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CORION Wallet Registration
Dear CORION Community,

CORION ICO has successfully ended.
We highly appreciate Your contribution, and all the 1400 members may take pride in the performance we have achieved, thanks to their support.

Don’t worry if you missed the ICO. Very soon CORION coins are available on the exchanges, and you will enjoy all the benefits the Platform provides, such as the stable coin, the daily coin release up to 2.5%, the multifunctional wallet etc.
More information about the upcoming period is available in our blog,
click here.
What's CORION?

CORION's Vision

Corion’s promise is undeniable, and this forward-facing cryptocurrency’s
success could prove a victory for the entire crypto world.

— Silicon NYC

Current System
Mostly centralized and debt based (FIAT money)
Volatile cryptocurrencies
Fixed token supply
vs demand-based
No use of tokens in daily life
Only a certain type of people use it
Corion System - Current System
CORION Ecosystem
Decentralized based on blockchain tech
Stable price against US $
Demand-based coin release,
distributed within the community
Platform for everyday use
Boost mainstream adoption
Corion System - Corion Ecosystem
Daily gain up to 2.5%
Bonus Coin release encourages users to be present and active on the Platform on a daily basis.

The token bonus is allocated to users by a fair and transparent system, allowing growth of up to 2.5% daily.

Corion Reward
Capital Optimized Reward Incentive Online Network

Enter our World!

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We, the creators of the CORION Platform, are dedicated to making a difference in the world.

We have developed a unique and pioneering system that promotes everyday use of cryptocurrency while offering a great opportunity for businesses and investors, and we know it will positively impact the lives of millions worldwide.

Here is the team dedicated to making CORION the game-changer it will become:

Are you driven by the same passion? Please contact us! Join our Telegram or Slack to communicate with our team!


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As seen in

The Huffington Post

"Currently, the battle for cryptocurrency supremacy is ongoing. Corion enters with high aspirations, and we’ll have to keep watch to see if this innovative platform can change the crypto world."


"CORION’s promise is undeniable, and this forward-facing cryptocurrency’s success could prove a victory for the entire crypto world."


"CORION’s system features a stable price point against the USD and relies on demand-based token emissions within the CORION community"


"CORION Introduces Revolutionary Stable Rate Digital Coin and Platform"


"The CORION Platform includes a marketplace, incentives, multifunctional wallet, built-in P2P exchange, gamification, and its stable-price coin."


"CORION is the gateway to the crypto world aiming to boost mainstream adoption with its easy-to- use interface and arsenal ofcrypto features all in one place."


"CORION Announces ICO Details for its Revolutionary Platform"


"CORION Coin used as a stable means of payment worldwide. Thus, anyone buying CORION at $1 can be assured it will always be $1"

Enter the growing Crypto World with us!

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ICO Benefits

Earn 3-25% bonus as an ICO Participant. Your CORION tokens will be deposited directly in your CORION Wallet.
Earn 0.20% daily during the ICO for being an early bird.
As one of the Service Providers your daily 0-2.5% Coin supply growth can generate 5-10 times more return in the medium term.
Earn additional tokens by referring your friends to join the ICO crowdsale.
Promote your products or services to the community. Acquire new customers and give specific bonuses to your existing clients.
Corion Chart

CORION crypto market cap projection for the next 5 years.

The Platform

The 5+1 most exciting features of CORION Platform

Stable price digital currency
With built-in inflation and deflation protection, CORION stays stable, protecting users and ensuring the Platform’s bright future.

CORION’s stability allows businesses to be built on the Platform and thrive, and products and services to be distributed without boundaries.

Corion Stability
Multifunctional Wallet
As the main interface of the Platform, the wallet allows you to keep track of your Coins and make transactions.

The wallet is a unique payment gateway, facilitating the massive mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency usage. With the seamless interface you can watch your coins grow day by day.

Built-In P2P Exchange
The peer-to-peer exchange is smart contract-based, and secure, so no fraud or theft is possible. It operates functions without intermediary 3rd parties, allowing the participants to transact directly with each other.

Exchange starts with ETC/COR pair and carried on with the development of the decentralized exchange platform to be able to use CORION Platform with FIAT money and the most widespread cryptocurrencies.

Corion Exchange
CORION Premium
CORION Premium owners are like “shareholders” in the promising ventures on CORION Ecosystem. CORION Premium is listable and tradable on the exchange.

ICO participants will receive CORION Premium as an extra bonus for each 5000 CORION purchased. Premium will become a highly sought-after item, as CORION Platform grows.

Corion Premium
Boost your Coin release
Cast your vote every 3 hours whether CORION is below or above one USD on the most frequented exchanges, indicating the demand for it. On sending the right answer, you will get some extra tokens. See your tokens naturally grow as the Platform grows.

This "gamification" process helps mainstream adoption of CORION and is an enjoyable way for owners to watch their portfolio grow. This growth plays a big role in stabilizing the CORION token and ecosystem.

Corion Gamification
Brings customers, entrepreneurs and financial Service Providers to one place, acting as a digital mirror of the real world trading platforms.

The marketplace provides a platform for business either within a local community or across the globe. Service Providers on CORION Platform will be able to find valuable customers here, including unbanked people.

Corion Marketplace

Be a winner of the fair Coin release!

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Market research
platform plan

9 Smart Contracts
2017 Q1

2017 Q2

ICO Start
June 18

Aug 27

Expanding Wallet services
2017 Q4

Switching to own blockchain

Market research
platform plan

9 Smart Contracts


ICO Start


Expanding Wallet services

Switching to own blockchain


2017 Q1

2017 Q2

June 18

Aug 27

2017 Q4



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