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Our Bounty Campaign is here!

There are 2 types of of activity you will receive money for.
- First, our signature campaign is here, you have to follow the link where you can find the signatures. There will be instructions, how you can get a reward using the signature.
- The 2nd one is a community building exercise. If you use our wallet, you will get a unique affiliate link. If you have a lot of followers on any social media or you are an influencer in any community, then use your power to tell everyone about Corion! Each purchase will yield you money, each click may bring you closer to your goal!

Keep in mind, if you start your agenda today, you can get more and more tokens in your wallet! Do not miss your chance to get richer!


Detailed information

Our purpose is to make a difference in people’s lives, to help them get the benefits of blockchain technology and make it part of their daily lives through CORION Platform.
  In order to achieve that fast, we have set up a ‘Refer a friend’ program and we support each community member to invite new users, potential investors into the Platform. In return we grant an affiliate reward based on the payment volume of the person referred.
  We will generate you an affiliate link to track and register each purchase done via this link, and show your credited reward as well. You can access your link in your Corion Wallet.
  During CORION ICO the affiliate system is automated and coded in the smart contract. The reward will be deposited in your wallet at the same time the purchase is done. It is automated in the official CORION Wallet, in 3rd party wallets it is self managed.

CORIONs purchased through referral link Affiliate Reward in CORIONs
< 1,000 COR 1 %
1,000 - 10,000 COR 2 %
10,001 - 100,000 COR 3 %
100,001 - 1,000,000 COR 4 %
> 1,000,000 COR 5 %

When you have reached $100,000 turnover through your link, we can make a strategic partnership and pay you an additional 1-4% reward in BTC, ETH, ETC.


We will support you with all our marketing materials, like logos, infographs, banners, videos, etc. You can use them freely together with your affiliate link.
You can do online marketing on your social media sites as well, and use CORION official materials with your affiliate link.

The process: Buy some Corions (at least for $10) on https://www.corion.io/buy and after your Corion Wallet registration is ready, you will be able to log in https://corion.io/wallet/refer-your-friend and copy your “Refer a friend” link, use it for banners, signature campaign and social media posting:

Banners Logos, infographs, pics for social posting Roadmap


If you have any question just write to contact@corion.io
Let’s rock during CORION ICO together!