Payment address

Here we go, we are deploying CORION Smart Contracts to the ETC Blockchain right now!

To avoid any issues, we’ve suspended the CORION purchase process for this time.
We will be back within a few hours, stay tuned!


Exchange Currency and amount

Please consider that due to the time delay of the exchange and confirmation time, your received CORION amount may not be exact the amount below. Furthermore, please consider that due the GAS costs 0.2 ETC will be credited to your account, deducted from the amount you send for the CORION.


How to buy

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Wallet keys, download and payment

Your Public address

We don’t save your private key, it’s your job to reserve it in a safe place. But who wants to learn a 64-character long code? That’s why we implemented Brainwallet. You only have to write those 5-10 words down (bits are free to choose) and you can hash back your private key anytime.

Your Private key

Brainwallet wordcount

Your Brainwallet words

This file is an important one. For your security you need to download it. In case of emergency (your dog has eaten the paper which you wrote your Brainwallet words on) with this file you can fully restore your CORION Wallet. So download and save it!

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Multifunctional CORION Wallet registration

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