Experience how stablecoins are changing the game of the daily money usage with CorionX.

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What is Corion X Token?

CorionX stands for stable price coins. It brings different stablecoin projects together. Introducing them to the world and supports the collaboration of the community. CorionX creates the one platform for stablecoins and leads the Global Stablecoin Popularization and Education Movement to succeed in the paradigm shift and using stable crypto as payment. CorionX is the “gas” for a stablecoin infrastructure and a utility asset which can be backing stablecoins. CorionX provides benefits in usage and trading of stablecoins to its users. Acquire, Hodl, Use!

A utility token for multiple purposes

Easy to use for the mainstream - simple technicality - focus on stablecoins popularization

CorionX is used to reward collaborators of the Global Stablecoin Movement.

Merchants will be motivated to use CorionX for promotions and cashbacks to encourage stablecoin payments within their consumers.

CorionX can be used partially as collateral for stablecoins as it intends to utilize and represent the industry

CorionX users can use the Corion infrastructure for free or at lower cost

Stakeholders and institutions can pay for the services (for example Scoring) in CorionX

CorionX is used for bounties and rewards to increase the number of community members and their stablecoins usage.

CorionX users can pay membership fees and other service fees of the Corion infrastructure and the Corion Foundation by using their tokens.

Donors, sponsors will be able to donate in Fiat money, in crypto and in CorionX to support the Foundation’s activities.


Why HODL CorionX?

Using the CorionX utility token on daily basis has many benefits

Blockchain and stablecoins offer great opportunities

Stable price cryptocurrencies are expected to grow significantly, this means that the utility tokens that are associated with these coins are likely to develop a major market.

Condemned to success.

CorionX enforces scaling up stablecoin projects, and rides the wave for innovation


Conventional history of money will change dramatically and stablecoins will shape the future of our financial industry

Solution for the unbanked

Stablecoins can be a payment solution for millions of people.



Full name: CorionX utility token

Short name: CorX

CorionX token total supply: 400.000.000, non-renewable

Decimal: 8

CorionX is a blockchain based ERC20 (Ethereum Request for Comment 20) utility token

ERC20 tokens transfers are fast, cheap, secured, and supported by huge and professional ETH developer team

CorionX utility token can be stored easily in your ETH wallet, where all ERC20 tokens are supported.

CorionX token market price is based on demand so it is not necessarily stable nor backed


Corion Foundation will use its developed infrastructure, years of financial experience and large influential network to make its utility token successful. CorionX tokens will be distributed among members, backers and supporters of the stablecoin communities. 20% of our token distribution will be offered to the public through an Initial Exchange Offering. Enthusiastic stablecoins supporters and contibutors of the 'Global Stablecoin Movement' are welcome to participate. We have a special Loyalty Program as well which is rewarding long term Hodlers. Our Loyalty Program gives away, 60.000.000 CorionX tokens which will be distributed in 4 installments, quarterly 4*15.000.000 tokens, in proportion to capital between all public addresses holding CorionX in the first year after our official launch.

More Info
Corion Foundation
Based in Switzerland available globally.

Our aim is to encourage world-wide adoption of stablecoins and to help unbanked, young people to gain access to swift and a safe, cheap banking. We are supporting all projects that working on such developments and focusing on clients acquisition and infrastructure. Corion Foundation is here to create a common platform for such projects, as their mainstream adoption is our main target. We are determined to make this new underlying payment instrument available for most e-wallets, hence making them accessible for more and more regions.

Corion Foundation was founded in 2016. It was created with the aim of helping the development and spread of stablecoins in the world.

Global Stablecoin Movement

“Stablecoins. Money in the right direction.”

We believe that stablecoins are the new crypto instruments which will have the full potential to change how we do payments globally. We have different campaign programs to help the awareness of our movement. The movement is ready to reward contributors and participants with CorionX tokens as an added incentive to reach mainstream adoption with a strong objective of reaching 20 million daily stablecoin users by 2020. We are developing 9 incredible programs and they are all open for language preferences:

Content program

Content creators such as journalists, bloggers, podcasters, vloggers, news sites and PR agencies are welcome to support the Global Stablecoin Movement by sharing content, related to stablecoins.

Event program

This program is for organizers and speakers who want to open up discussions about stablecoins by hosting big and small events worldwide.

Social Media program

The Stablecoin Movement offers a variety of bounties for professional social media services and enthusiasts alike. Participants will be rewarded for sharing posts about stablecoins across all social media platforms.

Ambassador program

Influencers, lobbyists and industry leaders are welcome to become Stablecoin Ambassadors. They require to have strong voices. Ambassadors needed to promote best practices and negotiate with regulators and investors, use their unique platforms to reach their audience and attend to events as speakers.

Partner program

The Stablecoin Movement is a movement that loves company. Coins and blockchain projects are urged to partner up to excel adoption./ Stablecoin project teams, who are committed to the industry and ready to activate their community to popularize stablecoins usage in general and take part in the movement through bounties and become loyal users.

Merchant program

Stablecoins are the new and innovative payments in ecommerce and coming to retail as well soon. They are already providing a good option for merchants comparing to other cryptos. This program offers further rewards for merchants willing to accept stablecoins as a payment method in their day-to-day business both with clients and suppliers.

Finance program

Investors have the opportunity to learn how to invest in the stablecoin industry and thus support the financial side of the campaign.


Scientists, market researchers, analysts and experts are welcome to contribute and be rewarded for their unique expertise.

Our team

Who we are

We're a group of likeminded economists (with backgrounds in banking, investment and entrepreneurship) who believe in the transition of payments and the increasing usage of stablecoins.

  • Engaged in blockchain technology since 2015
  • Advising several blockchain startups and successful ICOs
  • Been invited to all major blockchain conferences (35+ conferencies in the last two years (e.g.: Consensus, D10e, Finwise, Gibfin, Cryptoinvestor show,)
  • Strong professional network in the blockchain industry