Experience how stablecoins are changing the game of the daily money usage with CorX.

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What is CorionX Token?

CorionX stands for stable price coins. It brings the different stablecoin projects together, to introduce them to the world and support the building of a stablecoin user community. CorionX creates the frame to spread, use and pay with different stablecoins using one platform. CorionX leads the movement to succeed in the paradigm shift and using stable crypto as payment. CorionX is a “gas” for the stable price coin infrastructure and a utility asset to back CorionPay payment asset and later other stablecoins. CorionX provides lots of benefits to its users in usage and trading of stablecoins . Buy, Hodl, Use

A utility token for multiple purposes

Easy to use for the mainstream, simple technicality, focus on payments

CorionX will be used partial as collateral for CorionPay

CorionX serves as a payment token for listing stablecoins in the Corion infrastructure

Other stablecoins can use CorionX as partial backing crypto asset

CorionX users can use the Corion infrastructure for free or at lower cost

CorionX payment through Corion payment gateway

Send, receive, store and spend the certain stablecoins using Corion Wallet

Pay at all CorionPay accepting merchants

CorionX is used for Bounties by Corion Foundation

Potential of CorionX

Why HODL CorionX

Using the CorionX utility token on a daily basis has many benefits for the users and the community alike

Blockchain and fintech industry

Lots of opportunities are around the blockchain

Destined to succeed

CorionX enforces the scale up of stablecoin projects, and rides the wave of this improvement which sooner or later should be a tsunami


The 3000+ year history of money will change dramatically and stablecoins will disrupt the payment and financial industry

Solution for the unbanked

Stablecoins can be a payment solution for millions of unbanked people



Full name: CorionX utility token

Short name: CorX

CorionX token total supply: 400.000.000, non-renewable

Decimal: 8

CorionX is a blockchain based ERC20 (Ethereum Request for Comment 20) utility token

ERC20 tokens transfers are fast, cheap, secured, and supported by huge and professional ETH developer team

CorionX utility token can be stored easily in your ETH wallet, where all ERC20 tokens are supported.

CorionX token market price is based on demand so it is not necessarily stable nor backed


CorionX is a coin project that aims to succeed without the launch of an ICO or an Airdrop. The Corion Foundation will use it’s developed infrastructure, years of financial experience and large influential network to make the CorX utility token successful. CorionX tokens will be distributed among the members, backers and supporters of the stablecoin communities before introducing it to cryptocurrency exchanges.

More Info
Corion Foundation
Based in Switzerland available globally.

Corion Foundation was founded in 2016. It was created with the aim of helping the development and spread of stablecoin price payment assets in the world.

Our aim is to encourage world-wide adoption of the stablecoin. To help unbanked, young people gain access to swift, safe and cheap banking. Supporting projects that are working on such developments in gaining new clients, contacts and infrastructure. Corion Foundations aims to create a common platform for such projects, as their mainstream adoption is what all of us wish for. We are determined to do everything possible to make stablecoin price payment assets available in most e-wallets, hence making them accessible in more and more regions.


Who we are

We're a group of likeminded economists (with backgrounds in banking, investment and entrepreneurship) who believe in the transition of payments and the increasing usage of stablecoins.

  • Engaged in blockchain since 2015
  • Advising several blockchain startups and successful ICOs
  • Been invited to all major blockchain conferences (35+ conferences in the last two years (e.g.: Consensus, D10e, Finwise, Gibfin, Cryptoinvestor show,)
  • Strong professional network in the blockchain industry